Month: June 2019

Hyderabad police arrest suspected murderer of journalist Ilyas Warsi

Hyderabad police claimed to have arrested two suspects in connection with the murder of Ilyas Warsi, a journalist whose body was found in his apartment on June 15.

Warsi was working for Sindhi newspaper.

According to a police spokesperson, one of the suspects, Ahmed, killed the journalist over a financial dispute. The other one, Shoaib, facilitated the suspected murderer, police said.

The law enforcers say Ahmed has made a confessional statement, admitting that he murdered a journalist. Ahmed reportedly told police that he hit Warsi’s head with a hammer and then suffocated him.

Police seized the murder weapons, the spokesperson said in a statement issued to reporters. He said the arrests were made by a special team with the help of finger prints, DNA and other forensic evidence. Hyderabad SSP Sarfaraz Nawaz Shaikh formed the team.

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