Month: January 2019

Lack of basic facilities in larkana City

Lack of basic facilities in larkana City

Renowned Sindhi actor Gulab Chandio passes away in Karachi

Karachi: Iconic Sindhi and Urdu TV drama actor Gulab Chandio passed away in Karachi on Friday.

Gulab Chandio died at private hospital of Karachi after long illness. He was suffering from heart disease and diabetes.

He will be buried in his ancestral village in Nawabshah on Saturday.

Gulab Chandio emerged as TV actor in early 80s and started his carrier in Sindhi dramas.

Gulab is a well-known Sindhi actor of Pakistani TV drama industry who is recognized for his excellent delivery of dialogues as he is known as the villain of all the plays.

Despite being called as devil of Pakistani dramas, Gulab Chandio was a very humble, simple and great human being in real which is completely opposite to his on screen character

It is pertinent to mention that Gulab Chandio has recently joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf as he got inspiration form the leading political party.

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